This 'GOT' Theory About The Wall Was Just Confirmed & We're Shocked

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from the Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale. The Wall, for those who didn't read their Westeros: A History books, is 300 miles long and reaches 700 miles high at its tallest point. Built by Brandon the Builder, founder of House Stark, it took an effort that combined the magic of the Children, the strength of the Giants, and the math skills of Men to build it. And one Ice Dragon to bring it down. Finally, in our finale, the Wall falls down.

Let us now sing the children's nursery rhyme of another age, far into the future, when stories of dragons and Targaryens are merely myths and legends....

Ring around the Westeros Pocket full of Night King's slosh Ashes, Ashes The Wall falls down

Well, we weren't getting through another season without this happening, were we? In fact, I believe fans have been trying to pass around spoilers that the Wall might fall all the way back since before Season 5 aired. (This was about the point in the series when everyone started asking where Winter was at after all this time, and if it was ever planning to show up. Then we saw Hardhome, and everyone promptly said, "Oh.")


But with only six episodes left in Season 8 and a very, very long time to wait, there was no better time and no better place than here and now for the ultimate cliffhanger -- the Night King breaking through the Wall, on the back of an ice dragon.

Still, after all this time, I thought it would be Castle Black demolished as the hordes of the dead came through. Instead, it was Eastwatch-By-The-Sea that collapsed into a million pieces, and the dragon huffed and he puffed and blew their castle in.


By the way, it turns out ice dragons do breathe fire. Blue fire, cold fire. Fire so strong and magic filled, the Wall couldn't stand it.

Robert Baratheon once talked about the foolhardiness of facing forty thousand Dothraki screamers in an open field. What would be make of one hundred thousand dead men pouring into the North, heading down towards the living? He would certainly call for a drink.


That's all we can do until Season 8 comes.