Here's What Sansa's Letter Said In The Last 'Game Of Thrones' Episode

As is the case with every season, there's been no shortage of storylines to keep track of on season six of "Game of Thrones." One character, though, whether it's intentional or not, seems to always be lurking behind the scenes.

What exactly is Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish's end game? I suspect we won't know for at least a few more episodes, if we find out at all this season, but after watching season six episode seven of "Game of Thrones" last Sunday, we do know Baelish has certainly had a lasting influence on Sansa Stark.

We know this thanks to one scene in particular from last Sunday's show, in which we see Sansa writing a letter, quite possibly behind the backs of Jon Snow and Ser Davos.


And thanks to a recent post on Imgur, we may know exactly what Sansa wrote in that letter.

First off, as is pointed out on Imgur, it appears we can make out the words "fulfill," "Winterfell" and "rewarded."


However, it's hard to derive the complete message from just three words, which is why one Imgur user blew up a shot of the full letter and used a combination of inferences and tracing to try and reveal Sansa's letter in full.


The legible parts read:

“[...] to protect me. Now you have a chance to fulfill your promise. [...] Knights of the Vale are under your command. Ride north for Winterfell. Lend us your aid and I shall see to it that you are [well/properly] rewarded."

Of course, we all know who really commands the Knights of the Vale, Petyr Baelish!

So, not only has Sansa learned the art of sneaky letter writing from Lord Baelish, she's now using that craft to call upon the very man who taught her.

Will Baelish lead the Knights of the Vale to Sansa Stark's aid and help her take back her home from Ramsay Bolton? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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