3 Clues That Prove The Season 7 'GOT' Finale Will Be The Biggest Episode Yet

by Ani Bundel

So, let's talk Game of Thrones leaks. There have been plenty this season, from claims of script leaks as far back as last fall, to the HBO hack to leaked episodes both deliberate and accidental. Plus there's filming footage that happened where fans took tons of photos. While this coming Sunday's episode leaked already, next week's finale blessedly has not. Still, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 spoilers abound. What do we know about the upcoming finale?

More than one might think, actually. There have been several clues, not tied to any leaks, that give us the sense that the finale for this season might be the most amazing ending of any Game of Thrones season to date. That's not just due to the show seeming to fire on all cylinders either this season.

Traditionally of course, the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones has been the big one, with moments such as Ned's Death, the Red Wedding, the Battle of Blackwater Bay and the Battle of Castle Black all taking place before the season's end. Therefore the finale has been more of a wrap up/resetting for the next round. But with only one more round to go, that can't really be how this season works. Like last year, we expect a traditional finale, with spectacular moments all it's own.

Here's a few clues on why this finale will be epic.

Eighty-One Minutes

Let's start with the length: 81 minutes. That's the longest episode in Game of Thrones history. That's a full ten minutes longer than episode 6, which, when it airs in a few hours, will hold the record for the longest episode in Game of Thrones history, at 71 minutes. (The current record holder is the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale which clocked in at 69 minutes.

81 minutes isn't just long for a TV show. That's movie length. Hell, that's the same length as the original Toy Story. Game of Thrones has always threatened to veer into movie length episodes as it reached the end, and it looks like that's coming to pass.

The Cast All In One Place

The Dragon Pit scene is coming. When this filmed back in November of last year fans went nuts to realize how much of the cast was in one place all at the same time filming the same scene. Now we think we know why: Jon Snow will be presenting a wight. (At least, we hope so.)

Every A-list actor on the show was there except Sansa and Arya, and several of the B-level characters too. Cersei, Jaime, Jon Snow, Davos, Dany, Tyrion, Euron...the list just keeps going. After seven long years of our characters being far flung all over Planetos, they'll finally all be in one place, together. There's very little about that which doesn't say "epic."

Dany + Jon?

There have been wild hints that Dany and Jon are slowly falling for each other as they've hung out at Dragonstone. Fans are itching and praying for them to get together. Will this be in? Will his triumphant return from the North be enough that Dany stops asking him to bend the knee? Or will their time apart convince him he must bend, with ring in hand?

If that happens, fans will totally lose it. but even if it doesn't, those other clues suggest this very well could be the most epic finale of Game of Thrones ever. We can't wait.