Clips From The New 'Game Of Thrones' Season Are Here

Winter is finally freaking coming.

Spoiler: This post has a ton of spoilers.

If you didn't watch the last season of "Game of Thrones," then I strongly suggest you click out of this article and go to any of the other lovely articles we have on this website. For instance, here is a fun article about Britney Spears's new biopic.

Last night, right before the season finale of "Westworld," HBO aired a sizzle reel for some upcoming shows on the network. While "Young Pope" — which is a show about a Pope who totally f*cks — and the final season of "Girls" were highlights from the trailer, new footage from "Game of Thrones" season seven was really the only thing we needed to see.

Granted, it was under five seconds of footage, and we didn't get much more than a few shots of some of the main characters riding horses or dramatically turning into the camera, but HEY! WE'LL TAKE WHAT WE CAN GET!

Let's break it down.*

*Keep in mind the show is officially not following the books anymore, so anything I write here is purely a guess.

First off, Jon Snow is back after not being dead anymore. Will he become even more dead this season, or has he already reached the maximum amount of dead?

Will this be the year that Jon Snow rides a dragon?!?!?! Not that this plot line was ever implied, I just think it'd be cool.


Sansa Stark looking at the camera with a lot of badass subtext could be a clue as to he character's growth this season.

Maybe she too will ride a dragon like Jon. Once again, there is zero proof to back up that this may happen.


Last but not least, Arya Stark is on a horse.

She is the only character I am convinced will not be riding a dragon this year — until the third episode, at which point she will only be riding dragons for the rest of the season.


Get it, HBO!

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