On July 4, K-pop group ENHYPEN dropped a new single called "Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)."

ENHYPEN's New Single Is All About Manifestation

The lyrics will make you feel connected.

Photo Courtesy of BELIFT LAB

ENHYPEN has officially made their first comeback in six months. On Monday, July 4, the K-pop group made their long-awaited musical return with their third mini-album, MANIFESTO: DAY 1. The six-track EP features the anthemic lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC),” which is all about the members running toward a bright future with fans.

“Look at me, no reason to give up,” the group sings on the track.

The guys opened up about their new single during a July 3 press conference in South Korea. According to Bandwagon, Sunghoon said “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” is a hip-hop track that dives into the drill subgenre, which is a form of trap music that originated in Chicago.

He reportedly said the song tells “the story of seven boys who realize their sense of calling” and decide to take action. “As the title 'Pass the MIC' implies, it contains a powerful message that we will pass the mic to our peers and light the fire of our future together,” Sunghoon said.

Jungwon revealed the title of their single was inspired by the future perfect verb tense, which is a verb tense that described the future completion of a task. "The song is about how our connection will go further in the promised future so that's why it's called ‘Future Perfect,’” he said. “The melody and lyrics are pretty powerful, but the title and meaning behind it are very hopeful and positive."

Meanwhile, Jay made an interesting comparison while explaining their song’s lyrics. “When you see the protagonist in a superhero movie, you see them try and prove their worth as a hero and grow amidst adversity,” he reportedly said during the press conference. “The song coveys our bold resolution and determination that we deserve to be loved through our skills and capabilities and use our power not only for ourselves but for others as well.”

“Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” dropped alongside ENHYPEN’s latest mini-album, MANIFESTO: DAY 1, earlier this month. It marks the group’s first project since the release of their repacked album, DIMENSION: ANSWER, in January. This record featured ENHYPEN’s hit single “Blessed-Cursed.”

ENGENE, if you’re loving “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC),” make sure to stream MANIFESTO: DAY 1 below.