K-pop group ENHYPEN will drop their first-ever repacked album, 'DIMENSION: ANSWER,' on Jan. 10, 2022...

The Tracklist For ENHYPEN's DIMENSION: ANSWER Includes 3 Brand-New Songs

"Blessed-Cursed" is the title track.

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2022 is going to be an exciting time for ENGENEs. On Dec. 10, ENHYPEN announced they’ll be releasing their first-ever repacked album, DIMENSION: ANSWER, at the start of the new year. The record will be a new version of their first studio record, DIMENSION: DILEMMA, which dropped on Oct. 12 and went on to sell over 1 million copies, according to the Gaon Music Chart. Their next project will be here soon, so here’s everything you need to know about it before it arrives.

ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION: ANSWER will mark their first comeback since the release of DIMENSION: DILEMMA in October 2021. The album was a massive success, having debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it their highest-ranking record yet. The project featured their hit single “Tamed-Dashed,” which went No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs charts in six countries. Due to the success of DIMENSION: DILEMMA, ENHYPEN won several awards throughout 2021, including Rookie Artist of the Year at the Golden Disk Awards, Rookie of the Year at the Seoul Music Awards, and Global Rising Artist Award at the Melon Music Awards.

2022 will be just as big considering ENHYPEN is kicking off the new year with their first repacked album. To make sure you snag a copy before it sells out, here’s what to know about the group’s DIMENSION: ANSWER.

When is ENHYPEN's DIMENSION: ANSWER coming out?

On Friday, Dec. 10, ENHYPEN announced DIMENSION: ANSWER will drop on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022.

How can I pre-order ENHYPEN's DIMENSION: ANSWER?

Fans can pre-order ENHYPEN’s new album either on Target or Weverse. It’ll be available in two versions and ENGENEs can either purchase a single album at random for about $18, or buy both as a set for approximately $35 to $38, depending on which site they buy from.

What merch will ENHYPEN's DIMENSION: ANSWER come with?

According to the Target website, those who purchase the albums on their site will get a deluxe outer bookcase, photo/lyric book, selfie photocard, polaroid photocard, photo stand, bookmark, paper dice, stickers, poster, OSB brochure, and retail exclusive postcard.

Meanwhile, those who purchase the albums on Weverse will get a bookcase, photo/lyric book, photo card A, photo card B, photo stand, photo bookmark, paper dice, sticker, poster, OSB brochure, and an instant photo.

What is ENHYPEN's DIMENSION: ANSWER tracklist?

On Jan. 2, ENHYPEN unveiled their highly-anticipated album tracklist, revealing DIMENSION: ANSWER includes 11 tracks. While fans heard most of them on DIMENSION: DILEMMA, three songs are completely new: "Blessed-Cursed,” "Polaroid Love," and "Outro: Day 2.”

"Blessed-Cursed” is ENHYPEN’s next title track and fans can likely expect the music video for the single to be released on Jan. 10 as well.

ENGENEs can’t wait to hear what the new tracks have to offer.