Frank Has A New Boy Toy This Season Of 'House Of Cards,' And We've Seen Him Before


Constant political deception and blackmail are par for the course for House of Cards, but there's one aspect of Frank Underwood we've only seen tiny pieces: his sexuality.

But the newly released Season 5 finally shines a larger light on Frank's probable bisexuality by giving him a new male character to hook up with. Well, not exactly new — we've actually met Frank's new lover all the way back in Season 2 of the series, but you might not remember him.


Eric Rawlings (played by Malcolm Madera) takes on a larger role in the new season when he re-enters Frank's life and develops a romantic connection with him. Frank first met Eric back in the fifth episode of Season 2, when he was dressed up as Frank's ancestor Augustus Underwood in a Civil War reenactment.

In the new season, Frank invites Eric to meet him at the White House and it's immediately evident sparks are flying between the two, and Frank hires Eric to be his personal trainer to keep him nearby. After all, Claire is boning writer Tom Yates now, so Frank should get a sidepiece too.

SPOILER ALERT: I'm going to talk about a scene in Episode 9 of Season 5.

Frank's new romance with Eric comes to an erotic head in Episode 9 of the new season. They sneak off from an event at the White House to explore the basement. Not one to miss a cue, Eric starts to romantically embrace Frank in the basement, but Frank, in a classic Frank Underwood move, responds by starting to choke Eric.


At first, the viewer is left to wonder whether Frank will actually kill this seemingly lovestruck new friend rather than indulge in his passions, but Frank's grip around Eric's neck soon softens, and Eric lunges forward to kiss the President.

Because if there's ever been a "no duh" moment in this whole show, it's that Frank Underwood is definitely into choking.


The same-sex romance is the most blatant sign of Frank's bisexuality since Season 2 when he and Claire invite their bodyguard Meechum to join them in a threesome.

Season 5 of House of Cards is currently streaming on Netflix.