The New 'Deadpool' Trailer Is Totally Badass And Just As Hilarious

Fox released its trailer for "Deadpool," and it looks like the studio is finally doing the Merc with a Mouth some justice.

Let’s be honest, Fox royally screwed the pooch in 2009 during "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" when it first tried making a cinematic version of Deadpool.

Who makes a Deadpool who can’t talk? The whole point of Deadpool is he can talk!

That’s like making “The Social Network” but having Mark Zuckerberg be a sociable and generally well-liked person who enjoys large parties and hates computers.

Thankfully, Fox learned its lesson and, based off the trailers alone, it seems like it made a pretty awesome "Deadpool" movie.

Plus, it's even giving Ryan Reynolds a second chance at not completely ruining something comic book fans love.

Here is the regular you’re-at-work-and-don’t-want-your-coworkers-hearing-you-listen-to-the-"F"-word version of the trailer:

Here is the cool NSFW copy, if you like cursing and blood and stuff: