Gracie Dzienny as Elinor in Netflix's 'First Kill'

Here Are All The Songs On First Kill's Season 1 Soundtrack

They're quite literal.


Netflix’s new teen vampire romance series, First Kill, takes a classic tale and makes it new. The two female leads — one a child of powerful vampires, the other a child of vampire hunters — fall in love and try to find their identities outside of their demanding families. The dramatic twists and turns from first kiss to first kill are accompanied by catchy songs that perfectly capture the mood of each scene. So if you’re looking for that one tune you can’t out of your head from the show, here’s a list of every song in First Kill.

Each episode kicks off with “The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey, which almost perfectly describes the plot of the show, but was actually released 10 years ago in 2012. The lyrics and creepy tone prepare viewers to meet Juliette and Calliope, star-crossed lovers much like Romeo and Juliet who shouldn’t be together but are drawn to each other regardless. Juliette, the vampire, must commit her first kill soon to ensure the passing down of her family’s legacy. Calliope, the monster hunter, must kill Juliette and her family. Each characters can’t fathom hurting the other.

With bops by artists ranging from Carrie Underwood to Billie Eilish, First Kill keeps its viewers on their toes between the joys of young love and the horror of dangerous family expectations. Find an episode-by-episode list of the soundtrack here:

First Kill Season 1, Episode 1 (“First Kiss”) Soundtrack

  • “Hopprock” by Madlib
  • “Insane (Bad Owl Remix)” by Kinney
  • “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood
  • “Curious” by Shameka Dwight
  • “Don't Assume What You Don't Know” by Grace VanderWaal
  • “Lil Drop” by MA/SA
  • “Slumber Party” by Ashnikko ft Princess Nokia
  • “Geaux” by MK xyz
  • “Sneak Dissin” by SuNWhoa Love
  • “Soldier Of Love” by Sade
  • “Ghost N Circles” by Faith Carrey
  • “I Still Taste Fire” by Stephanie Mabey

First Kill Season 1, Episode 2 (“First Blood”) Soundtrack

  • “Tug O War” by Shameka Dwight
  • “I Think You're The Devil” by Elle Duke
  • “I've Got Love” by The Mighty Tears of Joy
  • “Temporal Anomaly” by Bad Owl Feat TK Rhodes
  • “The Tower” by Merry Ellen Kirk

First Kill Season 1, Episode 3 (“First Fight”) Soundtrack

  • “Effortless” by FVB
  • “Chasing The Thrill” by Leslie Mendelson
  • “Castles In the Air” by Laura & Anton
  • “Money Spell” by GOvales
  • “big stepper” by D’Anna Stewart & SuNWhoa Love
  • “Hanging” by Uri Grey

First Kill Season 1, Episode 4 (“First Date”) Soundtrack

  • “Alive” by The Spades feat. Bad Owl
  • “Killer” by PoutyFace
  • “Give My Life For You” by Matthew Santos
  • “Portland” by King Cassius & Zmny
  • “Till You Say So” by Stephanie Mabey

First Kill Season 1, Episode 5 (“First Love”) Soundtrack

  • “Jailbird” by Tiffany Lee
  • “Too Late, Too Little” by Matthew Santos
  • “The Zombie Song” by Stephanie Mabey
  • “Better Days” by Jennie Law

First Kill Season 1, Episode 6 (“First Severing”) Soundtrack

  • “Go Get It” by Tape Pop ft. Kris J
  • “Little Moon” by Gone Gone Beyond
  • “Mad Gaal” by Beam
  • “bury a friend” by Billie Eilish
  • “We Should Get It On” by SuNWhoa Love
  • “Got It Like That” by Tamara Bubble
  • “Dark Side” by JOLENE
  • “Miss You” by D’Anna Stewart
  • “Call On the Moon” by D’Anna Stewart
  • “Always” by Shameka Dwight

First Kill Season 1, Episode 7 (“First Goodbye”) Soundtrack

  • “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain
  • “My Sweet Demise” by Sunny War
  • “In Too Deep” by Gone Gone Beyond
  • “Murder Me” by Leslie Mendelson
  • “Breakout Season” by SuNWhoa Love
  • “NVM” by Gawd
  • “Fade Into Oblivion” by Shameka Dwight

First Kill Season 1, Episode 8 (“First Betrayal”) Soundtrack

  • “The Monster” by Heather Evans
  • “Hush” by The Marias
  • “Why Don't We Choose Love” by Stephanie Mabey
  • “Love Affair” by Shameka Dwight
  • “Unraveling” by Matthew Santos
  • “16 Shots” by Stefflon Don
  • “A Love So True” by Sunny War

First Kill Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.