A Gay Version Of 'The Bachelor' Is Finally Happening And It's About Time

"The Bachelor" is finally getting a gay counterpart, leaving us all to ask one question: "Why the heck did that take so long?!"

On Tuesday, the LGBT network Logo announced the new dating reality series "Finding Prince Charming" is officially in the works.

The show, hosted by former *NSYNC singer Lance Bass, will focus on a cast of gay men who are all competing to win the favor of "one of the nation's most eligible gay heartthrobs," according to the network's press release.

It will reportedly feature 13 competitors all living in the same house, with an elimination each episode. The winner gets to be with the suitor in "an exclusive relationship," says the network.

So basically, the gay version of "The Bachelor," finally. The show will be coming to Logo TV this fall.

There are several things about this that are amazing.

First of all, LANCE BASS IS HOSTING A GAY REALITY SHOW. That alone is proof the world is beautiful.


(Lance Bass came out as gay to the public back in 2006.)

Second of all, GAY "BACHELOR"! Now that's a reality dating show I might actually watch.

Yes, this should have happened over a decade ago, yes, it's sadly not on primetime TV and, yes, I'm sure it will be very white and very problematic.

But for now, I'm just happy this is happening.

And as soon as we get the queer ladies version of "The Bachelorette," let me know!

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