'Wonder Woman' Writer Reveals Heroine Is Queer


We finally have confirmation for something we've all known in our heart of hearts for years...

Wonder Woman is queer.

Greg Rucka, the current "Wonder Woman" series writer, revealed earlier this week that Wonder Woman has, of course, been with women.

This makes perfect sense -- the 5,000-year-old grew up in Themyscira, where the only people who live there are Amazonian warrior women.

Rucka said of Wonder Woman's home,

Heck yeah, my paradise is also one where I get to have a fulfilling romantic and sexual relationship with a literal warrior woman. Sign me up for the first trip to Themyscira.

Bon f*cking voyage to me.

During the interview with Comicosity, the term queer is defined as including "romantic and/or sexual interest toward persons of the same gender." Rucka says that of course Wonder Woman is queer.

But that doesn't mean we'll see a big coming out scene in Rucka's series.

Rucka doesn't think that a character "has to stand up and say, 'I'M GAY!' in all bold caps," which is silly, because I do that at least once a day.

But Rucka finds that shouting "I'm gay!" to be an example of poor writing.  He said,

Hallie Parker on YouTube

Still, while we're not surprised Wonder Woman is queer, it is really nice to hear that our gaydar is still in working order.

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