Here Are All The Records 'Wonder Woman' Has Broken So Far

by Anna Menta
Warner Bros.

Whether you loved Wonder Woman, hated it, or fell asleep during the climactic fight scene, one truth cannot be denied: This film is making hella bank.

As we come off of the fourth weekend since Wonder Woman's theater debut, the film still sits comfortably in the top five of box office charts; this week in the number three spot behind Transformers: The Last Knight and Cars 3.

The film has so far made more than $318 million from the domestic box office, and more than $653 million total when you add in the foreign sales. Considering the film's production budget was $149 million, Wonder Woman has most definitely earned the title of studio success.

The pressure was, unfortunately, on for this film: It took 76 years for a Wonder Woman film to happen, due in large part to studios doubting a superhero film starring a woman as the lead character had an audience.

Well boy, did we prove those studios wrong, folks. In the film's very first weekend, director Patty Jenkins was breaking records, and she hasn't stopped since.

1. The Highest-Grossing Live-Action Film Directed By A Woman

Variety reported on Friday Patty Jenkins officially become the most financially successful female director of a live-action film. The record was previously held by director Phyllida Lloyd for Mamma Mia, at $609.8 million.

(The record for the highest-grossing film of all time directed by a woman will likely remain Jennifer Lee for the animated film Frozen.)

2. The Highest-Grossing Opening Weekend From A Female Director, Ever

Universal Pictures

In just its first weekend, Wonder Woman raked in $103.1 million at the domestic box office. That meant Jenkins broke the record previously held by Sam Taylor-Johnson for Fifty Shades of Grey's $85.1 million opening.

3. The Highest-Grossing Woman-Led Superhero Film, Ever

Warner Bros

Wonder Woman is already way, way ahead of other female superhero films like 2004's Catwoman ($40.2 million total domestic gross) and Elektra ($24.4 million total domestic gross).

(Hopefully, there will be even more female-led superhero films to compare to soon!)

4. The First Marvel or DC Film Ever Directed By A Woman

Yep, you read that right, neither Marvel (with 45 films) nor DC (with 35 films) had hired a woman to helm their blockbusters until Patty Jenkins.

Marvel will finally rectify its gaping hole with Captain Marvel and director Anna Boden in 2019. But Jenkins will always be the first.

Congratulations to Jenkins for all those ceilings she's broken. Hopefully, there are many more women in the wings to come!