New 'Titanic' Theory Will Make You Want To Rewatch The Movie And Cry Even Harder

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Get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about Leonardo DiCaprio's iconic character Jack Dawson, courtesy of one wild new fan theory about "Titanic." And it also explains why Jack just didn't hang onto that door with Rose in the end!

According to this movie-changing theory that's heating up the internet, Jack was never real.

I know, it sounds insane, but one Redditor actually made some really compelling points that seem to prove Jack was just a figment of Rose's imagination the whole time.

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Basically, the theory states Rose was so upset about having to marry her arrogant fiancé, Cal, she invented the spontaneous and romantic Jack Dawson to be the complete counterpart to Cal.

That explains why Jack first appears to Rose when she's considering killing herself to get out of her engagement — she invented him in her emotional state as a means of saving her own life.

Most notably, the theory points to the fact one of the researchers in the present-day portion of the film says there was no record of Jack Dawson on the Titanic. Hmmm...

This theory would also explain one of the most contentious and frustrating aspects of "Titanic": Why couldn't Jack have just hung on to that door, too?

Well, if he really was just a figment of Rose's imagination, then her saying goodbye to him after the crash was also signifying her coming into her own and no longer needing her imaginary boyfriend.

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But there are a lot of holes in this theory, too. Like, of

Like, of course there isn't a record of Jack on the Titanic because he won his ticket in a card game right before the ship set sail, so he would have boarded under another name. Plus, we see Jack interacting with a ton of characters besides Rose, like his friend he's traveling with and Rose's family.

Of course, theorizers could explain away all of Jack's other interactions as also invented by Rose, since Rose is narrating the story and she could be misremembering things and inserting Jack into the events on the ship.

Sooo, it's really all up in the air whether you want to believe this theory or not, but it definitely makes me want to rewatch "Titanic" and see if I can pick up on any clues to point to Jack not being real!