'The Lion King' Live Action Film Has Cast 2 More Characters And They're Perfect

by Billy Lorusso

I'm just gonna jump right out and say it, our world is decaying right before our eyes. It's an absolute dumpster fire out there, y'all. That's OK, though, because a live-action version of The Lion King is making its way to theaters and there is literally nothing as exciting as that. I mean, really, what a time to be alive. Every day we inch closer to seeing the most iconic lions of the past century take on the big screen, and it seems like every day we get new information on The Lion King's live-action cast to keep us prepared. Today is no exception, and I'm freakin' all the way out because The Lion King has cast its Rafiki and Sarabi. That's right, it looks like Alfre Woodard will be voicing Simba's momma and John Kani will be playing our favorite primate Rafiki. Talk about perfect casting.

Woodard and Kani have worked together before in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, and this is their first project together since then.

Aside from these two newcomers to the Disney family, a few other actors have been cast in major roles. Billy Eichner will be joining the cast as Timon and Seth Rogen will be voicing his warthog sidekick, Pumbaa. Additionally, Donald Glover will play Simba and John Oliver will voice Zazu. All of this on top of the fact that James Earl Jones will be reprising his role as Mufasa in the live-action Lion King. Really the only major character we have left is Nala, who many have suggested Beyoncé might be voicing.

There's still plenty of time left, though, since The Lion King reboot isn't set to hit theaters until July 2019, and there are plenty of actresses worthy of voicing Queen Nala. I guess we'll just have to be prepared for more amazing casting announcements and sneak peeks between now and then.