The Alternate Ending Theory To 'Harry Potter' Will Blow Your Mind

by Lauren Martin

You know something is good when it's over and the people can't stop talking about it. From "Breaking Bad" to "True Detective," we're beginning to witness the sign of what makes certain entertainment soar among the rest: immortality.

That's right, even when our favorite characters die, their legacy lives on forever as fans try to analyze, dissect and relive the moments of their favorite shows, books and movies years after they've premiered and closed.

In the case of "Harry Potter," no legacy will live longer or stronger in our hearts, as it may just be the best book and movie series that has ever existed. Even after the last book was written and the last movie played, we will never let die our favorite wizards and Muggles and the idea that we could, one day, be accepted to Hogwarts, too.

In fashion with the honor of analyzing and dissecting good entertainment, one serious "Harry Potter" fan smartly describes an alternative ending to the beloved series. Rather, it's more of a theory that's as heavy as the underlying themes and motifs of the smart series.

So for all you fans out there, here's another day of "Harry Potter" living.