The Original 'Power Rangers' Producers Are Pissed About The Short Film

Earlier this week, we showed you the dark, gritty "Power Rangers" reboot directed by Joseph Kahn.

The short starred James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff in a very grown-up version of the beloved children's show.

Personally, I loved this new take on the "Rangers," but there are those out there who weren't so pleased.

Jason David Frank, the actor who played the Green Ranger, wasn't a big fan.

Now, the company with the rights to the "Power Rangers," Saban Entertainment, isn't very happy either.

Saban is currently in the process of producing a feature film reboot of the franchise with Lionsgate, with the goal of releasing a movie in 2016. Understandably, it wants to protect the brand.

As such, Saban talked Vimeo and YouTube into removing the short from their sites.

Saban just pulled POWER/RANGERS off Youtube. Bad day for free speech, fair use, and Fandom in general. — Joseph Kahn (@JosephKahn) February 26, 2015

Kahn argued his film should be protected under fair use laws as he claims the movie is a parody.

Kahn also said there was no copyright infringement present in the film and he is not making any money off of it.

It's an interesting debate and I can see where both sides are coming from, but I have to side with Kahn on this one.

He made an awesome film that, in my mind, only bolsters the "Power Rangers" brand. Saban needs to lay off and/or hire Kahn to direct the upcoming movie.

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