'Power Rangers' Got A Badass Makeover And It's F*cking Amazing

Well, this is f*cking awesome. It's a dark, gritty reboot of "Power Rangers" in the form of a short film.

The 14-minute film is ultra-violent and has a healthy amount of sex and foul language.

Simply put, this isn't the "Power Rangers" show you knew and loved as a kid.

This version stars James Van Der Beek as a former member of the team and Katee Sackhoff as a grown-up version of the Pink Ranger.

The film is basically a mashup of "The Terminator" and "Transformers," with a dash of "Blade Runner" for good measure. To sweeten the pot, the CGI is damn good.

If we ever get a feature film reboot of "Power Rangers," it certainly won't look like this, but I wish it would because this one is totally badass.

If you only watch one thing on the Internet today, it should be this.

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