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Melissa McCarthy To Produce New Movie 'Super Intelligence' & It Will Definitely Be Hilarious

Bridesmaids, The Heat, Tammy, Spy, The Boss, Ghostbusters — the list of Melissa McCarthy movies that have made us LOL over the past few years goes on and on and, lucky for us, the insanely funny Melissa McCarthy announced she'll produce a new comedy, Super-Intelligence, with her husband Ben Falcone. The film was written by Steve Mallory (who's teamed up with McCarthy and Falcon in the past to work on The Boss) and picked up by New Line Cinemas.

Not much else is known about the film right now -- it's still in its early stages of development -- but we do know it will deal with the concept of technological singularity and will most likely have us laughing hysterically from beginning to end. The only pitfall to this announcement is (get ready for it) McCarthy is only set to produce, not star in, Super-Intelligence.

McCarthy and her husband/business partner have worked on a ton of films together, most recently 2016's The Boss, so we know they've got the chops to make this film a hit, but it's still hard to imagine anyone who has the comedic gusto to make us laugh the way McCarthy does with every line she delivers.

Rest easy, though, because, although it's disappointing we won't be seeing Melissa in Super-Intelligence, she has ANOTHER film set to be released in May of next year that she actually does star in. This film is called Life of the Party, was written by McCarthy and Falcone, and co-stars (get ready for this) MAYA RUDOLPH, JULIE BOWEN, MOLLY GORDON, AND GILLIAN JACOBS. Yeah... count me in.

Naturally, we know nothing else because the IMDb description for it just cryptically says "Plot details are under wraps," and Hollywood has a habit of keeping the juicy details from us, but if it's anything like her past films, it'll be worth the wait until next May.