Marisa Tomei Talks About Whether Or Not She’ll Do A ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel

by Billy Lorusso

If you haven't seen Spider-Man: Homecoming by now, then drop whatever you're doing and RUN — don't walk — to the nearest movie house. I don't care if you need to fake sick and leave work, postpone a minor surgery, or skip your best friend's wedding... everyone should make it a priority to see Spidey-Man: Homecoming immediately.

Right about now you're probably wondering, "What makes *this* Spider-Man movie so great?" (Or, more likely, "Why is this guy so damn dramatic all the time?) Well, in this film writer's opinion, it's the cast. Homecoming has all the staples of a solid superhero movie: plenty of drama, tons of action, and jaw-dropping graphics galore; but, this time around, the actors really worked hard to bring the movie to the next level.

I'm not surprised by this at all — I mean, look who were dealing with. Tom Holland? Yup. Zendaya? OK. Marisa Tomei?! YOU DID THAT. Seriously, the casting director for this movie better have gotten a colossal raise — A++ work if you ask me, and it seems like fans agree.

Naturally, the question on everyone's mind now is: "Will they all be back for a Spider-Man sequel?" Well, we know we'll be seeing Tom Holland again soon in Avengers: Infinity War, and he'll definitely be in the follow up to Homecoming (scheduled for release in 2019), so we can check him off our list — but what about Aunt May?

Marisa Tomei is amazing as Spidey's aunt and, especially after that OMFG final scene with her and Peter, we're dying to know how she feels about playing the character again (and again and again, if we're lucky). Variety talked to her about her thoughts on continuing to play the role in the future. When asked how many more Spider-Man movies she would do, Tomei told the online publication,

As many as they want. There will be a lot of surprises because the end of the film is a new twist. That leaves a creative door wide open. It leads to some really exciting possibilities.

OK, YES. This is exactly what I needed to hear. And, more importantly, she's talking about surprises and exciting possibilities. We all know that last moment in Homecoming could take us in any direction, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that we see more of Tomei as Aunt May in the very near future.