This 'Lord Of The Rings' Fan-Made Trailer Rules Them All

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” *hits staff down and the staff cracks in half* “Jesus, Dave. I'm sooo sorry about that. My bad, you can cut filming now. I have some duct tape in my Honda."

Fan-made trailers are a weird but incredibly vibrant section of the web. YouTubers putting their own spin on pre-existing material gives us all another chance at seeing Hollywood's biggest upcoming releases in a brand new light.

For instance, when the new "Ghostbusters" trailer came out it was sort of panned across the web.

Then some fan remade it and it helped everyone not part of a Men's Rights FB group get back on board.

If fan-made trailers are considered a cine-nerd thing to do, shot-for-shot fan-made trailer remakes are another level of nerdom reserved for only the biggest and most committed movie freaks.

You may remember Cinefix for their recreation of the "Ant-Man" trailer last year.

They also got a solid amount of traction from their "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" remake.

They're far from the only people on the web committing to this sacred art form.

This group remade the entire "Deadpool" trailer with just Legos and it's absolutely immaculate.

They also did a "Suicide Squad" trailer that I'm convinced is better than the actual movie (a bar that is admittedly pretty shockingly low).

You be the judge.

Actually, wait. Holy eff. This is the same studio that recreated that whole airport fight scene from “Captain America: Civil War.”

This is 17+ minutes of Lego recreation! YES!

Is this eligible for an Oscar? It seems like it should be eligible for an Oscar or at least one of those weird technical Oscars they give out the week before the actual Oscars.

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