'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' On Netflix Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Well, this definitely isn't what dreams are made of. Netflix just revealed the August movies and shows it will be adding and removing from its roster, and sadly, Lizzie McGuire isn't getting an encore.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie, the 2003 flick in which Hilary Duff's Disney heroine stumbles into the life of an international pop star while on a field trip to Rome, is officially leaving Netflix on August 1. That means you officially have only one week left to belt songs like "What Dreams Are Made Of" and "Why Not," and fully relive that Lizzie-Gordo magic.

Luckily, Netflix isn't fully depriving us of our Hilary Duff teen rom-coms. ThoughThe Lizzie McGuire Movie is taking its last bow on August 1, Netflix is replacing it with A Cinderella Story that same day.

It may not be an Italian pop star adventure, but it still stars Hilary Duff as the plucky teenage girl who gets the guy of her dreams (not to mention Chad Michael Murray dressed as a prince and Jennifer Coolidge doing God's work, as always).

Sadly, The Lizzie McGuire Movie isn't the only beloved movie leaving Netflix at the start of August. This is also your last chance to watch 10 Things I Hate About YouBabeSuperbadDope, and To Kill A Mockingbird, among other titles.

While we're saying goodbye to a ton of classics, Netflix is thankfully also adding some new movies to its library in August. Along with A Cinderella Story, Netflix is adding HolesSingThe MatrixBad Santa, and Practical Magic.


You can check out the full list of new titles Netflix is adding in August right here.

But obviously, the real takeaway here is that you need to organize a movie night with your friends stat, because we only have one week left to relive the magic that is The Lizzie McGuire Movie on Netflix before it's gone. You know you want to watch Lizzie publicly humiliate Paolo one last time.