There's A Rumor Claiming 'Cinderella' Actress Had Her Waist Photoshopped

by Emily Arata

In the glamorous new trailer for Disney's live-action “Cinderella,” the blonde heroine climbs out of her carriage in her trademark blue ball gown.

Cinderella, however, has seemingly taken on the proportions of the waifish animated character rather than those of a real woman.

Both BuzzFeed and Twitter took note of the fact that actress Lily James' hourglass shape, narrowing into a minuscule waist, seems to be a bit unrealistic.

Twitter is not pleased by Cinderella's tiny waist.

okay but lily james's waist is SO TINY in every cinderella thing we've seen like i know corsets are a thing but it's like freaky — Mariana Avila (@dwarfscottage) December 4, 2014
Wtf is wrong with Cinderella's waist?! — Mia (@miascam) January 2, 2015
So why is Cinderella's waist the size of my pinky in this new movie? — Lexie Black (@lexienikole96) January 7, 2015
Also #Cinderella's waist is just . . . I can't with that. Did they CGI her waist??! — Matilda Dixon-Smith (@mdixonsmith) January 10, 2015
There's no way the actress in Cinderella has a waist that small. — lindsey marie (@thekuhlest) January 26, 2015

But, before we cry, “Photoshop,” it's important to note corset-wearing and waist training have recently come back in style.

Both a Disney spokesperson and James' agent told BuzzFeed the already-thin star, who is apparently without fear of squished organs, laced up for her role as the princess.

In keeping with the quintessential ballgown style, however, James' waist is also made to appear smaller by a voluminous neckline and enormous hoop skirt.

It's an optical illusion women relied upon for centuries.

In a cleverly posed publicity still, the combined effect of the dress' bustle and half-turned waist makes Cinderella appear needle-thin.

Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic. #Cinderella pic.twitter.com/HauXIkGuRy — Cinderella (@CinderellaMovie) December 16, 2014

Mystery solved. That's another one for the books, Watson.

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