The New 'Jumanji' Has One Huge Difference And Fans Are Super Upset About It


A lot of you won't believe me when I tell you this, but I've heard this strange story that in the olden times, kids would play games on boards.

Like... they didn't even have video games all the way back then, so I guess people would have to, like, move plastic bits around big pieces of cardboard, and somehow it was fun?

Obviously, I'm too much of a #cool #teen to even understand this concept of "board games," which is why I'm so psyched to learn that the new "Jumanji" remake is going to appeal to my millennial sensibilities and be about a hip, sweet video game instead of some dusty old board game.

Now that's what I call "good" and "marketed toward my demographic!"

OK, I'm done. Thanks for indulging me in that brief character study of A Cool Teen That The "Jumanji" Remake Is Shamelessly Desperate To Impress.

In reality, absolutely nobody is happy to learn that Jumanji is going to be a video game instead of a board game in the 2017 reboot. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking!?

The major twist was revealed on Monday night when the movie's cast previewed the trailer at CinemaCon. The Hollywood Reporter's recap of the new trailer reveals the movie will be about four high schoolers who stumble on a Nintendo 64-style video game that sucks them inside of it into a jungle setting.

The movie's stars (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan) are actually the video game avatars the high schoolers select and then come to embody. Turns out, the casting in itself was made with humor in mind, as the nerdy guy finds himself transformed into the muscle-y Dwayne Johnson, and the popular girl becomes Jack Black.


Honestly, that concept sounds pretty exciting to me, but it's the fact that the movie is a "Jumanji" remake that is causing fans to recoil at the idea of such a significantly changed version of the beloved action-comedy.

Fans of Robin Williams' 1995 original movie expressed their dissatisfaction with the video game choice on Twitter.


The most common response is that without the board game, the new movie simply isn't "Jumanji" at all.


I don't see why this even has to be a "Jumanji" reboot at this point.

Sure, it's about kids getting sucked into a jungle-themed game, but aside from that, it sounds like nothing really connects it to the original. Just call it something else and you're all good!