'Harry Potter' Fans, Rejoice: JK Rowling Says We All Went To Hogwarts

Many "Harry Potter" fans desperately wish they could gain acceptance into Hogwarts and attend the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Some people want to go so badly, they take the time to tweet about it.

Still waiting on my acceptance letter from Hogwarts — Zach Schultz (@Zach_Schultz18) June 9, 2015
WHERE is my acceptance letter to Hogwarts and WHERE are my dragons?! #stillwaiting — Lauren Rockwell (@larock1018) June 8, 2015
Forever salty that I never got my Hogwarts letter because I so know I would've been in the wizarding choir that performs in the third movie. — Choir Thoughts (@choirthoughts) June 7, 2015

But now, JK Rowling spoke out on Twitter to assure these fans they did attend Hogwarts, or at least in a way they did.

Basically, Rowling meant we all attended the school in our heads when we read the books and saw the films.

She tweeted,

.@m_abs All these people saying they never got their Hogwarts letter: you got the letter. You went to Hogwarts. We were all there together. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 7, 2015
.@m_abs Of course it happened inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it wasn't real? — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 7, 2015

That might not be completely satisfying to some diehard fans, but it's the best they're going to get.

Like it or not, Hogwarts is a fictional place. But that doesn't mean it can't feel real inside your mind.

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