JK Rowling Revealed A 'Harry Potter' Character Was Supposed To Be Named Gary

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OK, Dean Thomas lovers, I have some news for you: Your Gryffindor fav was originally going to be named Gary.

Dean Thomas doesn't have a huge role in the "Harry Potter" series, but he's not insignificant either. Dean is one of the five Gryffindors in Harry's year, he's best friends with Seamus Finnigan and he even dated Ginny Weasley for a hot second.

Even though he did date Harry's girlfriend, Dean always supported Harry and was an all-around stand-up guy. Plus, he really really liked Quidditch.

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But apparently he almost wasn't "Dean" at all?

On Tuesday, author JK Rowling revealed in the first draft of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," Dean Thomas was actually named Gary.

The matter came up after some old original "Potter" sketches from Rowling resurfaced on Pottermore. One of them, as Twitter user Chris Clarke pointed out, was captioned by Jo as "Neville, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Gary."

Erm. Gary?

Well, turns out it was Dean! Can you imagine if Jo hadn't changed her mind? Gary Thomas. It just doesn't sound right.

Thank God for that other Dean she knew, am I right?

Even JK Rowling is totally used to Dean now — she didn't even remember Gary existed until today.

RIP, Gary Thomas. You never had a chance.