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There's A Crazy 'Home Alone' And 'Friends' Connection

Christmas may be over, but Kevin McCallister is still blowing our minds.

Remember the home from "Home Alone"?  (If you don't, I'm a little worried about you. It's kind of a big part of that movie. It's in the title and everything.)

Anyway, it turns out, over a decade after that house was saved from the world's worst burglars by your favorite McCallister, someone else moved into the home — Monica and Chandler from "Friends."

I know, I know — hard to believe that Hollywood magic is all a lie, but it's true.

The discovery was made by the production company 22 Vision, which posted a YouTube video explaining the connection.

So here's the proof.

In the season 10 "Friends" episode titled "The One Where Chandler Gets Caught," Monica and Chandler go to look at their new home in Westchester. (Joey comes, too.)


Pay close attention to the view out of the house's window.

Look familiar?

The house across the street you see through the window is actually the same house across from the McCallister's, aka the Murphys' house, as seen in the exterior shots of "Home Alone."

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Compare the the patterns on the garage door — it's the same house.

And if you look closely at another window shot from the "Friends" episode, you'll see another house that belongs to the McCallister neighbors.

Look at the blue house with a wreath on the door behind Joey.


It's the very same blue house with a wreath on the door that we see when Kevin sleds down his front steps.

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So... wait, did the "Friends" episode, which came out in 2004, just film on the same set as "Home Alone," which came out in 1990?

Not exactly.

As 22 Vision explains, it turns out "Friends" just used stock footage from the classic '90s film to create Monica and Chandler's window view.

I'm guessing the creators just put a green screen behind the set windows and then added the "Home Alone" footage in post-production.

Looks like someone at NBC was a big Kevin McCallister fan back in the day.

It took over a decade for someone to notice that Easter egg, but better later than never!

Now let's just hope Monica and Chandler's son is as good at humiliating grown men as Kevin.

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