'Harry Potter' Fan Had Christmas Dinner At Hogwarts Great Hall Set

How much money would I pay to have an actual Christmas feast at the actual Warner Bros. Hogwarts set?


Which is why I'm pretty bummed I'm only now finding out some lucky "Harry Potter" fans got to eat a Christmas dinner in the real Great Hall at Warner Bros. Studios in London last week.

A ticket for one person to this event was £240, or $304.50, which again, I would have readily forked over.

That ticket includes drinks, dinner and, oh yeah, THE MOTHERFREAKIN' GREAT HALL, which was all decked out for Christmas cheer.

Thankfully, even though I didn't get to go to this amazing event, this HP fan and artist named Destiny Blue took some amazing pictures last Wednesday night.

She's shared the photos on her Imgur page so we can all live vicariously through her, bless.

I may or not have started crying while going through these photos.

Just like in the film, the entrance to the Great Hall is breathtakingly beautiful.

Destiny Blue

I mean, damn, those doors are three times as tall as our girl Destiny here.

Destiny Blue

Inside those doors is the same Great Hall where Daniel Radcliffe ate all of his fake Christmas dinners.

Destiny Blue
Warner Bros.

(Though sadly the ceiling was not magically enchanted to reflect the weather.)

Everyone sat at round tables rather than long house tables, which is a little more practical.

Destiny Blue

But the house tables were still there on display.

Destiny Blue

Every attendee was given their own wand, so that's pretty awesome.

Destiny Blue
Destiny Blue

They even got Christmas poppers, just like Dumbledore loves.

Destiny Blue

At one point Death Eaters invaded the meal, and diners had to duel for their right to feast.

Destiny Blue

Hunger prevailed over evil, and everyone got to dig into their food.

Destiny Blue

Which, according to Destiny, was the only let down of the evening.

She wrote on Imgur,

The smoked staked aubergine was delicious, but the serving was so small, and it didn't really fill me up.

C'mon, Warner Bros, this is supposed to be a feast!

But despite the small portions, it looked like an amazing night.

After the meal attendees got the full studio tour, and then finished the night with music and dancing.

Basically, it sounds perfect.

We might have missed this year, but thankfully this is an annual event.

Check out the Warner Bros. website and keep an eye out for next year's tickets!  I will murder all of you to get tickets first, so good luck!

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