I Went To A 'Fifty Shades' Party And Every Man There Looked Like Christian Grey

by Katie Corvino
Fifty Shades/whoseventbooth

If you're curious to know how I am in the bedroom (hehe), picture literally the opposite of "Fifty Shades Of Grey."

My version of BDSM stands for Bagels & Doughnuts, Spaghetti & Meatballs. It's never hot and always ends with me sitting in my bed alone, ordering takeout.

I honestly love the "Fifty Shades" series because Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's on-screen chemistry is UNREAL and also I live vicariously through their sex life.

If you loved the last two movies as much as I did, then I have two HUGE things to tell you.

First, "Fifty Shades Darker" has officially come out on Blu-ray and DVD. That means you can re-experience the magic at home while you shove Twinkies down your throat and send sad texts to your ex.

Dreams really do come true!

Second, I was able to attend a "Fifty Shades" party in honor of the film's release, AND BOY, OH BOY, was it sexy AF.

If you've ever wanted to throw your own "Fifty Shades" party, I'm about to hook you up with everything you need to know.

For starters, the event was held at the Whitby Hotel, in Midtown, New York City.

If you want to throw a "Fifty Shades" banger, you better rent some nice-ass mansion off Groupon or decorate your gross apartment with tablecloths and lace.

Guests arrived in cocktail dresses and were greeted by men wearing masks and tuxes, who each only responded to the name "Christian Grey."

Alexa Reghenzani

Sexy, right? Hehe.

ManServants, a company that hires gentleman to treat ladies like queens, catered the event and pampered the attendees like Anastasia Steele all night... minus, you know, the sexy stuff.

They were there to offer compliments, fun photo booth opps and of course, carry your stuff. I don't know about you, but my purse is HEAVY. I carry my life in that thing, so yes, hold this shit, fellas.

As you can see, hanging with the ManServants was my favorite part. HELLO, BOYS. Come to mama.

The event even had its own Red Room where a ManServant read passages aloud from "Fifty Shades Darker" as guests could look at -- err, stare at intensely and poke -- the BDSM equipment on display.

Alexa Reghenzani
Alexa Reghenzani

On top of all this, there were makeup tutorials with the film's makeup department head, Rosalina Da Silva, and photo booths where you could try on Ana's masquerade ball mask.

Alexa Reghenzani
Alexa Reghenzani

Elite Daily was able to ask Rosalina about the products Dakota Johnson wore during some of the most memorable movie scenes, so she introduced us to Christian Dior's Visora foundation palette and eyeshadows.

She explained,

It is primarily for film, but anybody can use it... all the neutral tones, it's highly pigmented... so you don't have to put 10 coats to get the color you want, you can do anything from here... you have your dark colors, your brows, your soft tones and highlight... you have everything in here. It's a good color to have for everybody.

And for Dakota Johnson's lips, Rosalina had the perfect product in mind. She told us,

My god, those lips... weren't they everywhere?! So most of the lipsticks [we use] stay on, they don't move. One was this one by Mac called 'Feel So Grand' and it's a stay-on lipstick [with a matte finish]. We used -- depending on the day -- we chose from two different lipliners -- the 'Cherry' and the 'Kiss Me Quick.'

She added,

Another one that was very famous and very popular and Anastasia wore it throughout the whole office scene, is the ILIA 'Arabian Nights.' That was a favorite. These lipsticks do not move -- you blot it, you pat it, you set it, and they do not move.

DAMN, gimme some of that.

Costume designer Shay Cunliffe was also in attendance to discuss the process of creating Anastasia's gorgeous gown for the masquerade ball in "Fifty Shades Darker."

Alexa Reghenzani

She told Elite Daily,

I loved doing the whole masquerade ball scene, I love the all the principles, costumes, but also did all the background...

She talked about her process for designing the costumes and said,

The art department showed me early on the production design what they were doing, I always have to see what's the set, what's being done for this so I knew it was a very strong Venetian scene, I knew they were gonna have these amazing painted backdrops so I knew I wanted to tie into the spirit of what they had started.

Shay explained a lot of her inspiration for the costumes came from Venice carnivals, which are very "over the top." She explained,

Everything was going to be pushed to an exaggerated place... Everyone was gonna be dressed very fancy, over the top, colorful, large silhouettes, extra froufrou. Ana needed to, of course, remain the simple, pure heroine doing her own thing... Erika, the author, described it as 'silver grey' and that was non-negotiable. I knew it had to fall to the floor beautifully with only undoing one button, that was the challenge. She has to get out of this dress on camera and have it fall beautifully.

If you watched the movie, you'll know Shay perfectly achieved the look they were going for. The dress was stunning and seemed to nail exactly what E.L. James had in mind.

As you can see, the "Fifty Shades" event I attended was just like the actual masquerade ball: over the top, colorful and filled with gorgeous men in tuxedos.

If you want to throw a more simplified version of the party I experienced, all you really need are rose petals, candles, a few dozen male models and a bunch of masks.

Easy, right?! Boys, start lining up!