The New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Teaser Just Dropped And It Looks Super Sexual

If you thought you were done hearing about "Fifty Shades of Grey," think again, because apparently there's already a teaser trailer for the sequel.

(Seriously, when did that happen? Did we know this was happening?)

A new teaser trailer for "Fifty Shades Darker" was released via the film's Twitter on Monday, and it features 19 seconds of sensuous piano music and a mask.

Tomorrow, slip into something a shade darker. #FiftyShadesDarker — Fifty Shades Darker (@FiftyShades) September 12, 2016

We get a quick shot of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey (aka Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan) staring in a mirror, and Christian asks Ana, "Intrigued?"

Looks like there's going to be mask-play involved in this sexy sequel, if the final shot of the trailer and the newly debuted poster are to be believed.

And an earlier teaser trailer for the film revealed Christian has a sexy mask of his own, too.

If this new teaser is too much of a tease for you, don't worry, you'll get the full, satisfyingly long trailer tomorrow. If you're a good girl, that is. (Sorry, too far?)

"Fifty Shades Darker" is the second book of three in author E.L. James' erotic book series, which, fun fact, originated from "Twilight" fan fiction.

The book series and film are known for delving into the world of BDSM lifestyle, aka submissive and dominant role playing during sex.


Yeah, me either.

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