Emile Hirsch On His New Movie And Survival Tips For Pulling An 'All Nighter'

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Picture this: After a messy breakup, your ex-girlfriend is missing months later. The only reason you're aware of her disappearance is because her dad, whom you never quite got along with, knocked on your door hoping she'd be with you.

That's exactly what award-winning actor Emile Hirsch is faced with in his hilarious new movie "All Nighter." In the Gavin Wiesen-directed film, the 32-year-old stars alongside JK Simmons and Analeigh Tipton.

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Hirsch plays Martin, a musically inclined, heartbroken and super awkward hipster millennial living in Los Angeles. Tipton plays the role of Martin's ex-girlfriend Ginnie who randomly disappears six months after their breakup.

Simmons, known for his role as Terence Fletcher in "Whiplash" as well as the cigar-puffing JJ Jameson in "Spider-Man," plays Mr. Gallo, Ginnie's unimpressed, workaholic dad with a busy work schedule.

Mr. Gallo finds himself leaning on a banjo-strumming Martin to help locate his missing daughter Ginnie when the intensive, roller coaster-like search turns into an all-night event.

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Emile Hirsch and Analeigh Tipton to discuss their roles in "All Nighter."

They were also generous enough to share the survival tips you'd need to successfully power through an all-nighter of your own!

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Hirsch started off by revealing exactly how he stumbled across the script for the film after babysitting his friend Ashton Holmes' dog, explaining,

I was babysitting his dog and I was nursing his dog back to health. And he came over and was like, 'Hey, man. Have you read this script? I think you should read this script.' So, I put the dog down and I picked up the script. I read the script and it was really -- it kind of struck a cord with me.

That cord was struck after he realized how similar him and Martin are.

It turns out Emile Hirsch and his character in "All Nighter" are a lot alike (minus the awkward nerdiness).

What I liked about Martin -- he's a bit of a Silver Lake hipster millennial who has very strong ideas on what he believes in, but it comes to a clash when his girlfriend dumps him and he is recruited by her father, who is JK in the movie, to track her down.

Of course, there's a stark contrast between Martin and the various parts Hirsch previously played throughout his lengthy acting career.

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When asked how the new role differs from his past roles in films like "Into the Wild" and "Lone Survivor," he said,

I think that there's an aspect to Martin that is maybe even a little more like me than some of those other roles. This was not a role I approached that I was like, 'I'm going to become this otherness thing.' This was like, 'OK, let's take a personal approach and let's try to see how much of you, or how natural we can make this feel.'

This means viewers are receiving a personal look at how Emile Hirsch himself would pull off an all-nighter alongside an unlikely counterpart like Mr. Gallo.

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His secret? Energy drinks.

I drank a lot of Red Bull... I did and occasionally Rockstar and Monster.

Model and actress Analeigh Tipton steers clear of the caffeine, though. Her all-nighter survival tip? Let your creativity be the spark that keeps you up at night.

I would say arts and crafts. That's what led to my insomnia. Like stop motion. Anything that's just really tideous and you have to be active.

I know knitting and energy drinks are polar opposites, but maybe if Martin wasn't tasked with scouring the city for his untraceable ex, he'd be able to stay up all night and play the banjo!

After all, that caffeine can be a hell of a drug.

"All Nighter" hits theaters Friday, March 17. Get your tickets here and check out the official trailer below!