Here Are The Best 'It' Group Costumes To Terrify People With This Halloween

by Ani Bundel
Warner Bros

Halloween falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. The clowns crawl in search of blood to terrorize y'awl's neighborhood. And whosoever shall be found without the outfit for getting down must stand and face the laughter from hell, and rot inside their bad costume's shell. Don't let this happen to you. Be the scariest group at the party this year that no one dares laugh at. Here are our best ideas for Stephen King's It group costumes.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I was going to do Stranger Things with that introduction? Sadly no, that's a different kind of Loser's Club, and one that's not going to include a clown to scare the bejeebus out of all of your friends when you show up with him carrying the beer. (Because of course the clown is going to be the one carrying the beer. How else is he going to get a group of 20-somethings to follow him down into the sewer, if he doesn't have a nice sixer of microbrew?)

With Pennywise a must-do for the group, let's run down all the Losers from It, and how your squad can dress like them.

Bill Denbrough


Three Quarter-Sleeved Jersey Tee, $10, Amazon | Red Flannel, $47, Amazon | White Chucks, $50, Amazon

Here's the thing -- most of the kids are DIY easy. None of them are going to be sold in mainstream costume stores. You can google all you want, but the reality is, the movie dressed the kids like, well, kids. And a lot of this stuff you already have in your closet. Jeans, plain white T-shirts, sneakers. But for those looking to get the details right, here's our best Amazon finds to make yourself look proper.

Bill, for instance, is stuff you can find on Amazon if you don't already have these items in your own closet. A three-quarter-sleeved raglan is $10, a red flannel is $20 (though he also wears a green one at one point, so if you own one, go for that), and white Chucks are $25. Oh, and blue jeans. We assume you own jeans.

Ben Hanscom


Space Print T-Shirt, $20, Amazon | Green Shorts, $18, Amazon | Bight Blue Pumas, $68, Amazon

Bewn, our other hero, is just as easy. You want a space print T-shirt. This one runs $20, but you can get extra nerdy with something from Threadless if you want. Green shorts and those bright blue Pumas, or something very close to, since the real deal are $65. Once again, all available on Amazon, if not Prime shipping ready.

Richie Tozier


Blue Safari Shirt, $68, Amazon | Dark Khakis, $28, Amazon | Vans, $55, Amazon

Richie is slightly harder, because that blue safari shirt is pretty distinctive, as are the glasses. But never fear, they turned up on Amazon all the same. The shirt is $40 and the glasses are $10. Add a white under shirt (you probably own one) and dark khakis (dark green or dark brown) and Vans and you're set.

Eddie Kaspbrak


Arm Cast, $33, Amazon

The easiest of everyone. All you need is a costume arm cast like this one, and then just a dirty red tee shirt of nondescript nature and tattered blue jeans. Blank tee shirts are $5 at Target, and again, you own jeans, right? It helps if you're the shortest of your friends and you don't brush your hair.

Beverly Marsh


Olive Green Jumpsuit, $21, Amazon | Red Lace Top, $28, Amazon | Leather Belt, $13, Amazon | Black Ankle Boots, $30, Amazon

Beverly, as the token girl of the group, is also the most specific look, because patriarchy! (Jazzhands!) Luckily, the 1990s overalls look is back in, so those are prevalent, and then it's just chasing down a red lace top, a brown leather belt with a fancy pattern, and those black ankle boots.(you can wear them as work shoes afterwards. Don't thank me.) All available on Amazon, and some even with Prime shipping.



Pennywise The Clown Costume, $120, Cosplay Sky

The only actual costume of the bunch. The mainstream stores don't have the 2017 version, they only have the 1991 version that Tim Curry wore. For an accurate one, you have to hit the cosplay sales sites. This one from Cosplay Sky is pretty reasonable at $120. They also sell the matching mask if you don't want to do your own makeup.