Don't Worry, That Creepy Theory About Sandy Being Dead In 'Grease' Is Wrong


“TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE!” “Sandy is still alive.” “TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE!” “That's it. She never died.” “SHOOO BOP! SHOOO BOP! SHOOO BOP! YEAHHHH!” “Please get out of my living room.”

For the past week, the internet has worked itself up into a fit over this odd fan theory about "Grease," which claims Sandy was actually dead the entire time.

The theory started circulating the internet after a Reddit thread claimed,


On that same thread, people started posting their own theories about what really happened to Sandy. Another Redditor said she actually killed herself at the end of the movie, posting the following logic:

Could it be?!?! Could Sandy really be dead?!?! WAS THE WHOLE MOVIE IN TRAVOLTA'S HEAD?!?!

As it turns out, no. No to all of those things.

Sorry all of you “Grease” truthers out there. As it turns out, the movie is less smoke and mirrors than you'd think, according to the author of the original book and lyrics, Jim Jacobs.

Jacobs, who wrote the project with Warren Casey, tells TMZ the theories are 100000 percent false. He went on to elaborate that although the original book and movie definitely have their differences, Sandy being dead is not one of them.

"TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE!" "Dude! Get out of my effing apartment! SERIOUSLY! EVERYONE GET OUT!"

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