Paul Walker's Brother Will Work With Nic Cage In First Major Movie Role

Cody Walker is the brother of the late Paul Walker.

He filled in for his older brother in "Furious 7" after Paul was killed while the film was still in production, and now, the younger Walker booked his first major film role playing a Navy soldier in "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage."

The film will star Nicolas Cage, and it's based on a true story.

The movie follows the crew members of the USS Indianapolis after their boat is hit by a torpedo and sinks during World War II.

The crew had been on a top secret mission to deliver parts of the atomic bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima. Once the boat sank, the crew members were attacked by a horde of sharks.

Only 317 of the near 1,200 men who were on board survived.

You may recall Quint told this famous story in Steven Spielberg's classic "Jaws."

Based on that, this movie could be "Jaws" on steroids. "USS Indianapolis" is scheduled to be released at some point in 2016.

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