OG Chip From 'Beauty And The Beast' Says Le Fou Was Always Gay, So Get Over It

by Anna Menta

The guy who voiced Chip in the 1991 animated film "Beauty and the Beast" has some strong words for the homophobes boycotting the film over Le Fou's sexuality.

Basically: STFU, Le Fou was already pretty gay to begin with, and you should probably get over it because this movie is about bestiality anyway.

Bradley Pierce, who was just 8 years old when he played Chip the teacup in the 1991 film, said all this to a TMZ reporter's camera this week.

Pierce said,

I think Le Fou, the character that's officially gay now, always was... The only thing they had that might have made him seem straight was when he was also getting all googly-eyed over the triplets... But that was the only almost straight thing that he did. The rest of it was all gay, bro wingman.

If you've watched the original cartoon recently, Chip here has a pretty good point.

I mean, the dude sings an entire song about how great Gaston is. Le Fou seems to have no other purpose in life besides pointing out Gaston's physical perfection.

So yeah, really nothing has changed that much in the live-action version of the film.

In fact, I'd argue this song make way more sense in the live-action film, now that it's confirmed Le Fou is gay.

So, yes, in case you hadn't heard, Disney officially announced Josh Gad's character, Le Fou, is gay and in love with his best friend/idol Gaston.

He marks the first openly gay character ever in a Disney blockbuster, which is pretty cool.

Then all these bigots in Alabama had to ruin it by canceling a showing of the film because the theater owner can't handle a tiny bit of homosexuality.


To those people, Pierce said,

People can do what they want. They can choose to close their minds off if they want to. The magic will still live on. People are still going to see the movie, people are still going to appreciate the movie. And if they really have that much of a problem with one character in a movie that's basically about bestiality... C'mon.

Another great point, Chip! He even referenced that excellent headline from The Chaser article about the controversy.

Pierce went on to say,

If that's really your problem, that's your problem. There's some of us here that are already in the 21st century.

You tell 'em, Chip.