'Batman v. Superman' Director Confirmed This Insane Theory And We're Freaking Out

by Billy Lorusso
Warner Brothers

OK, so any fan of DCEU's Superman franchise definitely recalls Superman's epic fight with General Zod in the third act of Man of Steel. 

I mean, the battle is intense, to say the least, and the whole scene keeps audiences on the edges of their seats. What a lot of fans tend to focus on, though, is how many innocent people died during the over-the-top battle.

The film's director, Zack Snyder, reported way back in 2013 the death toll in Man of Steel is somewhere around a whopping 5,000 people, which is insanely high even for a comic adaptation.

While this number is shocking and sad, it seems the people who died in Man of Steel appear (in some form, at least) in the film's follow-up, Batman vs. Superman. How the hell is that possible?

Well, a recent fan theory that has made its way to Reddit suggests Superman is haunted in Batman vs. Superman by those who died in Man of Steel.

If you actually think about it, it makes sense. In the first act of Batman vs. Superman, Superman leaves Lex Luther's party on a mission to rescue a girl trapped in a burning factory building. After saving her, he is surrounded by a crowd of people dressed as skeletons and wearing skull face paint as they reach out and try to touch him.

 What's even more convincing than the imagery in the scene, though, is ZACK SNYDER HIMSELF CONFIRMED THIS IS TRUE!

That's right, the man behind the camera commented on the original post to say that this theory is spot on.


There ya have it, Superman is haunted by the souls of the people he could not save in Man of Steel. Of course, now Snyder's got us wondering what other kinds of subtle details we might have missed in Batman vs. Superman. Hmmm.