Amanda Seyfried Will Replace Mila Kunis In 'Ted 2' Because Seth Macfarlane Hates Us

What the f*ck?!

I'm not saying that I don't love Amanda Seyfried. I mean... "it's like I have ESPN or something" was the best line ever, but come on, replacing Mila Kunis in "Ted 2" is like replacing Regina George's face cream with foot cream -- it sounds like a good idea in theory, but it just doesn't do anything for anyone.

Kunis, if you don't remember, played Mark Wahlberg's love interest in the dirty teddy bear movie. And at the end of the film he decides she is worth changing his ways and they get engaged.

Now what? Enter: busty blonde? -- You KNOW sh*ts gonna have to hit the fan.

It has been noted that if Kunis is in "Ted 2" at all it will be for a very small portion of the film. Yeah, like packing up her sh*t and leaving? Seth MacFarlane, the movie creator and voice of Ted, commented that the decision wasn't "anything other than a creative decision that [he] decided to take with the plotting of the sequel."

Although no details have come out regarding what Seyfried's role will be, we can only guess she is either Wahlberg or Ted's new lover. What made Kunis's role in "Ted" particularly epic is that she is also the voice of Meg on MacFarlane's "Family Guy."

All I can hope for now is that they bring back Flash Gordon.

Top Photo Credit: WENN