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7 Ways Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Define Friendship Goals

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler released "Sisters" (aka the other movie out that's not "Star Wars") last month.

The two leading funny ladies in comedy met each other around 1993, when they both studied improv comedy at The Second City in Chicago.

Since then, they've gone on to work together on "Saturday Night Live," they've starred in three movies together ("Mean Girls," "Baby Mama" and the latest "Sisters") and cohosted the Golden Globes together three times.

Tina and Amy represent everything you could ever want from a friendship: They're loyal to one another, have the best time and motivate each other.

With this in mind, let's take a look at seven ways Tina and Amy's relationship defines BFF goals.

1. They helped each other find their own voices.

In Amy's autobiography "Yes Please," she revealed she was first introduced to Tina because she was very similar to her.

Their only difference was Tina had brown hair.

They would go on to practice their routines on each other and help one another craft ideas and sketches.

They both have each other to thank for their success and for helping each other figure out who they truly are.

2. They went their own ways, but they managed to stay tight.

After "Saturday Night Live," the pair managed to perfect their own careers separately.

They achieved critical and commercial success in television shows such as "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation."

However, they never forgot each other, and they still make time to remain close friends and help each other out when they can.

From here on out, I demand they commit to starring in at least one movie per year together.

That's an order.

3. They're "chosen family."

Tina and Amy were both brought up around brothers, so during the preparation for filming "Sisters," they didn't have a complete understanding of how their characters would feel.

But all was good, as Amy revealed to PopSugar.

She said,

I think that Tina and I are chosen sisters. I think we are chosen family, so I think it's been fun to experience that thing I never got to experience in real life.

She also told Entertainment Weekly they treat each other like sisters anyway.

She added,

We're kind of like sisters and our parents are show business. We call each other to complain about how mom and dad have treated us at Thanksgiving.

4. They're both smart and funny.

Yes, both women have managed to perfect the art of being smart and intelligent while also having a hilarious and comedic side.

Not many people can achieve that, and we applaud them.

For anyone needing a valuable example, just take their cohosting duties at the Golden Globes and the infamous line about Kathryn Bigelow's film "Zero Dark Thirty:"

When it comes to torture, I trust a woman who spent three years married to James Cameron.

5. They're super grateful for each other.

In Tina Fey's memoir "Bossypants," she spent copious amounts of time talking about Amy and her love for her.

In Amy Poehler's "Yes Please," she spent copious amounts of time talking about Tina and her love for her.

They are just a match made in heaven, okay?

6. They became mothers around the same time.

It was probably an unplanned move, but it's still a great example of their friendship.

Tina and Amy both had children around the same time, which meant they were able to help each other through their trials and tribulations.

They could be there for each other because they knew how the other felt.

7. They know success should not come at the expense of others.

Being successful comes with hoards of responsibility, and the key is to realize  success does not come at the expense of other people.

When describing the pair, the executive producer of "SNL" Lorne Michaels said,

There's a hard thing that happens when you're funny and you're sitting beside someone who's destroying, to not feel in any way that you're somewhat diminished. To just be happy for how well they're doing — that's the rare part of their relationship and also the rare part in comedy, period.

Basically, Tina and Amy represent a relationship you desire to have with anyone.

It's loyal, loving, successful, reliable and most of all, full of laughs.

Sometimes the best way to get by in life is to just laugh at your downfalls and get over them.

There's just so much more to life.

Thank you, Amy and Tina, for teaching us that and for showing us what true friendship really means.

"Sisters" is out in cinemas now, so yes, you better go see it.

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