This Will Totally Change The Way You Think About Classic Disney Movies

What do Stockholm Syndrome, extreme body modification and non-consensual sex acts all have in common?

Duh, they can be found in every little girl's favorite Disney movies!

Despite the prison-y nature of the phenomena listed above, you'll find just as many examples of them in movies like “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Little Mermaid” as you will in a supermax prison.

The Box,” an Internet panel show for anyone who's pro-women, pro-hilarity and pro-biting comedy, brings you a woman-on-the-street segment in which host Leila Ben-Abdallah delivers bare-bones summaries of Disney fairytale plot lines and asks strangers to guess the films.

On the bright side, each dismal reality check will make former Disney-princess wannabes feel luckier than royal spawn, knowing they escaped marrying their kidnappers in castles full of terrifying dancing silverware.