9 Fun Facts We Learned About Adele From Her Stunning Vogue Cover

by Anna Menta
Getty Images

The dark days of Adele's disappearance are now but a distant memory, and we are once again awash in Adele's glory.

This includes but is not limited to: listening to her new album on repeat and crying, clinging possessively to tickets for her upcoming tour and obsessively reading her latest interviews.

Like this one she just did with Vogue, for instance!

It's a great interview and piece that you should definitely read, but if you don't have the time to spare at the moment, here are some interesting things Adele shared about herself in the article.

1. She watches five movies a week.

Adele is a huge film buff, apparently! Vogue reports she watches at LEAST five full-length films every week. She's putting me to shame because I could barely watch one movie a week when I was film student. 

2. She never listens to her own music.

When asked if she listens to her own music at home, Adele laughed. Apparently, she's more likely to sing along with Elsa to "Let It Go" with her son.

3. If she wasn't a musician, she'd be a teacher.

Adele credits her music teacher, Tony Castro, for getting her to write the songs that started her career. She said,

I think being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the world. If my career stopped, it's what I'd do.

Knock on wood Adele's career never ends, of course, but imagine ADELE teaching a music class for your kids.

4. Her new songs, with the exception of "Water Under the Bridge," aren't about her current boyfriend.

Adele said she felt her relationship with her current boyfriend and father of her son, Simon Konecki, was too private to sing about in her music — except for "Water Under the Bridge."

5. Her favorite song on her new album is "When We Were Young."

Describing it as "a letter to myself," Adele said that song is her favorite for the message it delivers: People and relationships change and regroup, and that's OK.

6. "Hello" took four months to write.

You know it's good when an artist dedicates four months to just one song! No wonder it's STILL stuck in my head.


7. She's a total germaphobe.

Don't cough and then try to shake Adele's hand if you ever meet her — she's deathly afraid of germs. She even hates touching public computer screens to order goods at a store.

She told Vogue,

I can't sing at all if I have a sore throat.

8. She's a really good cook.

Adele recalled that before 21 came out, she was left alone at her house for a few months, so she learned how to cook. Her speciality is "pan-global comfort food."

9. She genuinely loves the Spice Girls.

Adele said people often think she isn't serious about this, but she is: She really loves the Spice Girls because they inspired her as powerful female role models.

She said,

It was really a massive part of my life when the whole Girl Power thing happened.

So now you know!

Adele almost definitely has seen more movies than you, she probably wouldn't take care of you if you're sick, but she probably would cook you a killer meal if you're healthy.

Now go back to crying over how you didn't get tickets to her tour (while listening to "Hello," of course.)

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