Lana Condor in Netflix's 'Boo, Bitch'

The Official Boo, Bitch Soundtrack Fully Slaps

Soundtrack of the summer, anyone?

Erik Voake/Netflix

Netflix’s teen comedy Boo, Bitch follows a newly dead ghost who has a point to make. Accompanying her antics is the soundtrack to her afterlife, which is a Gen Z dream. If you found yourself singing along as Erika and Gia tried to figure out their messy teen drama, you’re going to want to add all the songs from the Boo, Bitch soundtrack to your own playlist ASAP.

Warning: Light spoilers for Boo, Bitch follow. In perhaps one of Netflix’s most inventive shows of the year, Lana Condor plays Erika and Zoe Colletti plays Gia, best friends who decide they need to study a little less and live a little more — much like Olivia Wilde’s 2019 movie, Booksmart. But then, viewers discover Erika dies and is immediately reincarnated as a very alive-looking ghost. She uses her remaining time on earth to try something new, going after her crush Jake C., played by Mason Versaw, and becoming an incredibly catty mean girl (hence the show’s title). To set the vibe for these antics, artists like Remi Wolf, Ruelle, and Kilo Kish play in the background of party scenes, hallway showdowns, and fashion montages — it’s essentially an extended TikTok, which is fitting for Erika’s newfound gig as an influencer.

Whether you’re trying to find that one song from the show, or you just want to tap into your hot ghost summer, here’s the soundtrack from Boo, Bitch, listed episode by episode below.

Boo, Bitch Episode 1’s Soundtrack

  • “All I Want Is You” by Kelora
  • “Do It Like Me” by Bhad Bhabie
  • “Give It” by DAAAM!!! X Faith
  • “Guerilla” by Remi Wolf
  • “Make It Pop” by Zombi Knves
  • “Medicine” by Dayglow
  • “Too Lit” by Go Live Gang
  • “You So Done” by Noga Erez

Boo, Bitch Episode 2’s Soundtrack

  • “Guerilla” by Remi Wolf
  • “Heartbeat” by Darkbird
  • “Ride My Wave” by Micki Ronnae

Boo, Bitch Episode 3’s Soundtrack

  • “Better Than Me” by Awfbeat
  • “Reach Out” by Hembree
  • “You Me And The Stars” by Gigi Rowe

Boo, Bitch Episode 4’s Soundtrack

  • “Bibles” by Jaja Bu
  • “D.Y.S (Defend Your Situation)” by CLYPSO
  • “Dark Sky” by Lauren Rocket
  • “Dey Bump Bump” by PRTTY VMPR
  • “Drippin Sauce” by Koolie
  • “Gobody” by Janaé E.
  • “Guerilla” by Remi Wolf
  • “I Just Wanna” by Kali
  • “In My Dreams” by Blackhand
  • “Like This” by Halo Sol
Erik Voake/Netflix

Boo, Bitch Episode 5’s Soundtrack

  • “Do You Feel The Same” by Emmit Fenn
  • “Guerilla” by Remi Wolf
  • “Heybb!” by Binki
  • “Pound Cake” by FVB

Boo, Bitch Episode 6’s Soundtrack

  • “I Know I Got It” by Book ft Haviah Mighty
  • “Paraphernalia” by Temples
  • “Turn To Rage” by Bleached

Boo, Bitch Episode 7’s Soundtrack

  • “American Gurl” by Kilo Kish
  • “Dead Girl! (Shake My Head)” by Au/Ra
  • “In Nightmares” by PINS
  • “Something From Nothing” by MotoGirl (feat. Sophie Gold)

Boo, Bitch Episode 8’s Soundtrack

  • “Best Thing” by Jawny
  • “Die In Me (Again)” by TVÅ
  • “Guerilla” by Remi Wolf
  • “Perfect Blue” by Yeule (Ft. Tohji)
  • “Perfectly Out Of Place” by Dreams We've Had
  • “Prom” by Riah
  • “Sunsets” by Tobias Dray (Ft. Knightly)
  • “Take It Out On You” by Ruelle
  • “Wave To Anchor” by Hundred Waters

All episodes of Boo, Bitch are streaming now on Netflix.