Mason Versaw as Jake C. and Lana Condor as Erika in 'Boo, Bitch'

This Boo, Bitch Heartthrob Is Also A Gossip Girl Alum

There's a reason he looks so familiar.

Erik Voake/Netflix

Boo, Bitch isn’t exactly your typical teen comedy. After all, the Netflix limited series follows two high school besties (Lana Condor and Zoe Colletti) whose senior year is turned upside down when one of them dies and becomes a literal ghost. But even with the show’s supernatural elements, it’s still got all the trappings of a teen comedy... including a heartthrob for the main character to crush on. That heartthrob is Jake C., and he’s played by Mason Versaw, who might already look familiar to fans of another teen TV series.

Versaw is relatively new to the entertainment biz; his first professional credit was only in 2021 with a role on the TV show Blue Bloods. He also appeared in a few movies, including the Hulu original movie Sex Appeal and the movie adaptation of the musical tick, tick... BOOM! Most notably, he had a guest spot in the first season of the Gossip Girl reboot. Gossip Girl fans will remember him creeping on Zoya’s (Whitney Peak) phone and asking her about Gossip Girl, only to later be revealed as a secret researcher for New York Magazine trying to dig up info about the infamous blogger.

Gossip Girl might be all about social media, but Versaw doesn’t seem to be too keen on being online himself. He has an Instagram, but he doesn’t update it very often. In fact, he has just a few posts on his grid, including one highlighting his time on Gossip Girl, featuring behind-the-scenes shots of himself looking right at home with the show’s stars.

Versaw also posted a few photos from the Boo, Bitch premiere. According to that post, he brought his mom as his date to the event, which, TBH, is goals.

Boo, Bitch is a limited series, so that means there aren’t any plans for another season, unless the show gets a surprise Season 2. That means Versaw will likely be moving onto his next project — and hopefully soon, so fans will just have to wait and see what that will be.

Boo, Bitch is streaming now on Netflix.