Every Single 'Bridgerton' Sibling, Ranked By How Much I Want Them In My Family
by Ani Bundel
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Netflix's Bridgerton series is one of the most family-centric love stories on the streamer. Despite being based on a romance novel, The Duke & I, whose protagonists are Daphne and Simon, this is a story about love in all its forms. Arguably the most important of those is the love of family, which the Bridgertons have in spades. The eight siblings' ages span almost 20 years from oldest to youngest, but they are tight-knit and loyal, the kind of siblings you would want in your own family. Well, most of them are, at least. When it comes to ranking the Bridgerton siblings, some would be better brothers and sisters than others.

By the end of Bridgerton Season 1, the Bridgerton family has expanded by one, as Daphne's new husband Simon joins the crew. The Duke of Hastings might seem a bit standoffish to those who don't know him, but Daphne picked well when choosing who to add to the mix. Because Simon's not used to having siblings, he finds the family's energy joyful. The novelty of hanging out with younger kids who will look up to him means Hyacinth and Gregory's immature antics get a pass. And finally, his standing in society — and his willingness to use that standing to benefit others — makes him a great friend to all the Bridgertons.

But are the Bridgerton siblings catches, as well? Let's run down where each of them stand, based on how much I want them in my own family.


No one needs an overbearing big brother who thinks his job as "the man of the family" is to marry you to someone twice your age. Anthony wins for Least Likable Bridgerton Sibling, even though he does get a consolation prize for Best Muttonchops. Let's hope for serious personal growth for Anthony in Season 2.


Bratty little brothers are cute, but not when they insist on firing peas everywhere at the dinner table. Gregory's only saving grace is he doesn't try to arrange engagements on top of his veggie-based warfare. At least there's a lot of time for maturity to happen before he hits the social scene.


The best part about Hyacinth, so far, is that she takes the brunt of Gregory's carrot attacks. She's also super useful in testing Dukes to see if they are Good Father Material. She's cute, if a bit foot-stompy.


A sister who disappears off to Bath for months at a time, leaving a spare room open? All younger siblings should be so useful. Hopefully, a return to the family's main home won't cause her to fall in the rankings in Season 2.


He's not the brightest of brothers. He gets immersed in unnecessary scandals. But his pushover nature also means he'll help you ride off in the middle of the night to stop your brother and boyfriend from shooting each other in the head for a duel over your honor


No one wants an older sister who is practically perfect in every way. But at the same time, she took her duty to marry well seriously and scored a high-ranking Duke, taking the pressure off everyone else in their future marital endeavors. Also, she started having babies almost right away, which means Lady Violet isn't demanding grandchildren from anyone else right now. Maybe having Daphne as a sister wouldn't be so bad, after all.


Not only does Benedict possess an excellent ear for listening and a shoulder to cry on, but also, he won't tattle when you sneak out of the house to smoke cigarettes. (JK, smoking is bad.) Plus, he's close with the dressmaker, so your dresses are never backordered and always trendy.


She's a feminist sister who has a direct in with Queen Charlotte. She's someone who doesn't think twice about grabbing a midnight cab and riding to the rescue of someone, even if it's the gossipy Lady Whistledown. Best of all, she loves puzzles and mysteries and will play detective with you. 10/10, would sibling again.

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