Ashley Park as Mindy in Emily in Paris

Here Are All The Songs From Emily In Paris Season 2

The fashion is great, but the music is magnifique.

by Ani Bundel
Carole Bethuel/Netflix © 2021

The holidays in Paris are a magical time and place, making Netflix’s decision to bring back its fluffy escapist fantasy Emily in Paris in mid-December practically perfect. Season 2 ups the ante with new love interests, new fashion, and new music. Like the first season, the soundtrack mixes French pop with recognizable hits, but this season brings a new twist: Broadway actor Ashley Park, who plays Mindy, performs multiple Emily In Paris Season 2 soundtrack songs, including a brand new one written expressly for the series.

In Emily In Paris’ first season, Emily Cooper met her new BFF, Mindy Chen. The daughter of a wealthy Shanghai businessman, Mindy moved to Paris to get a business degree but dropped out of school after her first year and started working as a nanny. When Park, who starred in Mean Girls on Broadway, was cast in the role, creator Darren Star altered her backstory to include a failed run at pop stardom. The change allowed the script to give Park multiple opportunities to sing, but neither of her Season 1 performances made it on the official soundtrack.

However, the soundtrack for Emily In Paris Season 2 more than makes up for this. Not only does it include Park singing multiple recognizable songs from Broadway shows and movies, but also, it even gives her an original song, “Mon Soleil.”

Here’s the full soundtrack listing for Emily In Paris Season 2:

  • “Mon Soleil” by Ashley Park
  • “Sympathique” by Ashley Park
  • “Falling Slowly” by Ashley Park
  • “L’Amour est un Oiseau Rebelle” (Carmen, Act 1 Remix) by The Math Club
  • “Springfield 61” by L’Epee
  • “Ce Soir” by Kumisolo
  • “Nuit” by Yndi
  • “Just One Dance” by PLUM
  • “Je ne te Quitte Pas” by Fred Nevche
  • “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” by Ashley Park
  • “Main Title Theme” by James Newton Howard
  • “La Martinique” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Notre de Paris” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “La Douce” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Archipelago” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Mo Bossa” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Kashmir Good Boy” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Street Fire” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Balzac” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “La Vie En Rose” by Ashley Park

The full Emily in Paris Season 2 soundtrack will be available on Friday, Dec. 31, 2021 on all digital platforms.