Emily Blunt Gets Awkward When Asked About Michael Bublé Cheating On Her

Emily Blunt still isn't exactly feeling good about the way her relationship with Michael Bublé ended.

Although the star of “Sicario” is currently happily married to Jim from “The Office,” there was a time when she was romantically connected to Michael Bublé, his skinny black tie and his angelic voice.

The couple dated for three years and was seemingly destined to live out their lives together as an adorable pair until human nature took over and Michael allegedly cheated on Blunt in 2008. He is now married to Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato.

It's clearly a sore subject for Blunt and Bublé, who admits he was a “jerk” in the past... But that didn't stop Howard Stern from bringing up their old flame during a recent interview with the actress.

When asked if Bublé was, in fact, unfaithful, Emily timidly replied to Stern's question saying,

I don't know, it's complicated... Now I'm going red.

When pressed further about why she was embarrassed about the situation, Blunt responded,

Because I never talk about it. I never want to talk about it.


Let's all make a deal never to talk to Emily about Michael Bublé again... or "The Adjustment Bureau."

Def don't bring up those two equally traumatizing things around her ever again.

Anyway, although there are no reports about how Emily's husband, John Krasinski, took the news, I think we all know when he heard the interview he just stared at a camera before making a cute face.

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