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Emily Blunt Reveals Whether She'd Work With Husband John Krasinski


Emily Blunt is a powerhouse, that's for sure.

The actress is currently juggling her career while raising a family, and she's doing one hell of a job.

Blunt recently finished production for her upcoming film "The Girl on the Train," and her latest film, "The Huntsman: Winter's War," hits theaters this April.

But, now she's taking some time to sit back, relax and prepare for baby number two.

The 33-year-old sat down with C magazine to talk about her action-packed life and how she makes it all look so easy.

It can be overwhelming to be a woman in Hollywood -- well, at least I imagine -- so it's nice Blunt gets to experience the craziness alongside her husband, John Krasinski, who's also an actor.

Blunt told the magazine,

As much as Blunt adores her husband, would she consider working with him? What would that be like?

The actress commented,

Well, that's not exactly a "no," right? Perhaps the two could do a comedy together and just play best friends or something.

Eh, it doesn't really matter who they play; if they're in a movie together, I'm obviously seeing it.

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