Emily Blunt Reveals Whether She'd Work With Husband John Krasinski

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Emily Blunt is a powerhouse, that's for sure.

The actress is currently juggling her career while raising a family, and she's doing one hell of a job.

Blunt recently finished production for her upcoming film "The Girl on the Train," and her latest film, "The Huntsman: Winter's War," hits theaters this April.

But, now she's taking some time to sit back, relax and prepare for baby number two.

The 33-year-old sat down with C magazine to talk about her action-packed life and how she makes it all look so easy.

It can be overwhelming to be a woman in Hollywood -- well, at least I imagine -- so it's nice Blunt gets to experience the craziness alongside her husband, John Krasinski, who's also an actor.

Blunt told the magazine,

It's like [having] an immediate, deeper understanding of what each other is going through... It's sort of been necessary to both of us to have a confidant who understands your perspective, your position.

As much as Blunt adores her husband, would she consider working with him? What would that be like?

The actress commented,

I think we would prefer it to be something where we're not married or boyfriend and girlfriend. Our chemistry is not up for public consumption. We'd like to do a play. That would be cool.

Well, that's not exactly a "no," right? Perhaps the two could do a comedy together and just play best friends or something.

Eh, it doesn't really matter who they play; if they're in a movie together, I'm obviously seeing it.

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