Ellen DeGeneres' Tribute Video To Obama Will Make You Cry


Those of you who spent your work day scouring YouTube for Obama tribute montages set to Edwin McCain's “I'll Be” while wiping away tears with your 2012 “Forward” tees might want to take a lap before diving in to the mini retrospective Ellen DeGeneres shared on her show on Thursday afternoon.

Nope? No break? You wanna sob straight through your Thursday?

Respect. Let's go.

Ellen showered viewers of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” with sweet, hazy memories of the past eight years and praised the 44th president of the United States for his efforts during his two terms.

The host said,

She shared a video of the Obama family's appearances on the show and funny bits featuring Barack, Michelle and even little Bo.

At no point was Edwin McCain's “I'll Be” utilized, which stood prominently as the only real flaw in an otherwise touching tribute.

After sharing the video with viewers, Ellen thanked President Obama and First Lady Michelle "for everything," including their support of same-sex marriage.

In a throwback clip, Ellen praised Obama's bravery, telling her audience,

We all owe Obama a debt of gratitude for his eight years of service, assuring the rest of us we could avoid taking on that level of responsibility.

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