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Ellen Just Shared The Most Heartwarming Throwback Video Of Prince

The world is still reeling from Prince's death last week, and many celebrities are sharing their favorite memories with the musical legend.

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday, Ellen shared a clip of her interview with Prince from 2003, on the very first season of her show.

In the video, Ellen says,

Of all the bands and artists that I've had on the show, there was no one like Prince.

The interview, now over a decade old, is incredible to watch.

When Prince walks out, the crowd stands and cheers with such enthusiasm, you can't help but smile. Plus, Prince's face when Ellen tells him she's wearing a Prince thong is priceless.

At one point, Prince takes a moment to address Ellen, as well as the audience. He says,

Can I just say — thank you all for the support.

Ellen told Prince she's been a fan since his very first album, and you can tell Prince is pleased.

Then, Prince performs live, and spoiler alert, it's great. RIP, Prince, and may the guests on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" dance to your music for many years to come!

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