This Photo Of Ed Sheeran Has Everyone Wondering If He Secretly Got Married


We don't mean to alarm you or anything, BUT IS THAT A WEDDING RING ON ED SHEERAN'S FINGER!?

No kidding -- a picture has emerged on Instagram that's got everyone scratching their heads.

It shows Sheeran sitting with his friend, Jovel Walker, and his daughter at her birthday party.

Jovel posted the snap a couple of days ago and wrote,

My baby girls 5th birthday party was lit! Even both godparents were in attendance finally lol.

Notice anything on Sheeran's commitment hand?

Yeah, only the silver band of ownership.

What makes this so interesting is the fact that the British lyric slayer is taking a break from social media.

It means there's no way we can follow his life in as much detail as we'd like to, so he could literally be getting up to anything -- like getting married in secret!

Of course, there is zero evidence to suggest he's actually hitched.

But that hasn't stopped hearts around the world from shattering into a thousand pieces:

If it's true, however, then we need to remember something very important:

WOW! Lovespiration could produce Sheeran's best album yet.

Now we definitely hope someone's put a ring on him.