Here Are All The Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In 'GOT' Season 7 Episode 6

by Ani Bundel

Once again, with another Game of Thrones episode down, it's time to dig in to find all the easter eggs and, callbacks and references. This week's episode was a doozy, with an enormous battle beyond the Wall that ended with something nearly unthinkable: the death of a dragon, and his resurrection as a wight. But that doesn't mean there weren't references galore. Let's roll through the baker's dozen Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 easter eggs in this week's episode, "Beyond The Wall."

This week's easter eggs are slightly different than usual. Unlike most that pull from many different sources including the books and the World of Ice and Fire histories,most of these call back to one season and nearly half to one specific episode: Season 1, episode 9, "Baelor." This isn't an accident. When Viserion fell out of the sky, my instant response was that this was the biggest game changer since the death in that episode, Ned's beheading. Clearly the show thought so too.

So where have you seen that image before? Or why *does* that line seem so familiar? Let's run-down all the callbacks and easter eggs tucked away in Game Of Thrones' sixth episode of Season 7.


"Baelor" was the episode where Jeor first gave Jon his Valyrian steel sword. That's interesting, because not only does Jon bring up that scene to Jorah as they walk, and Jorah says "you were meant to have it" but then we see proof that the sword is somehow bonded to Jon.


When Jon slides into the water, the wights sense he is dead, and turn to leave. As they shuffle off, Longclaw's eyes glow white, and suddenly Jon is alive again.

Tyrion Plays A Game With His Friends

“If I'm right, you drink. If I'm wrong, I drink. And no lying.” That's the game Tyrion plays in "Baelor." In "Beyond the Wall," Arya basically demands Sansa play the opposite version of Truth or Dare, demanding Sansa lie so well she won't be able to tell.

Also note that Tyrion's non-lying story here is one of sibling betrayal between brothers (Jaime and Tyrion), while Arya's game is trying to gauge if there has been betrayal between them.

Drogo's Death And Scars


Jon Snow is starting to really resemble Dany's first husband.


He's got the same face scar across his eye.


And the same chest wound Dany once demanded a witch heal and bring him back from death.

The difference is, Jon's witch succeeded.

Dany's Inability To Have Children

Jumping off that point, Dany's inability to have children also stems from the events of "Baelor." Her willingness to have the witch perform blood magic not only causes her baby to be stillborn but (at least the witch claims) her reproductive system to no longer work. This point came up twice, both in talking to both men who are in love with her, but won't admit it: Tyrion and Jon.

“He Would Do Whatever Was Right, No Matter What.”

Jon said this about Ned Stark in "Baelor." He said it again in "Beyond The Wall." The difference is, Jon has learned what that sentiment means to him. In "Baelor" Aemon says it to convince Jon not to run off and save his family, but abide by his oaths, which is the Ned Stark way.

Now Jon is doing what he thinks is right... by betraying those oaths and bending the knee because he believes it is what is right.

The Events At The Sept of Baelor

Of course, here's the big one. Arya and Sansa both misremember what went down that day in their fight, by the way. Arya remembers Sansa as up there on their side, but she believes her father will be pardoned and the moment Joffrey says to cut off his head, she has to be held back from trying to reach him.

Meanwhile, Arya is grabbed in the same way and pulled away before she can do anything foolish either. Both of them tried to save Ned in that moment. Both failed, not because they didn't try, but because adults protected them so they could fight another day and live to be here now, together in Winterfell.

Walking, Talking & Traveling

Haven't had that in a long time. Remember when that was a staple of the show back in Season 1?

We used to make up spin off series from the chemistry that developed, remember?

Since Season 5, the show has let that fall away. It was great to bring it back. Tormund and the Hound Adventures, coming to HBO in 2019.

You Don't Look Like Your Father

...and you don't look like the actor who played Beric in Season 1, so. I guess repeated resurrections do that to a man. But since it came up, here's the scene Beric is talking about.

(Also Beric is right, Jon does look like his mother. But that's another post.)

King Beyond The Wall

Tormund thinks pride should goeth before a fall. He does not outright tell Jon to bend the knee to Daenerys, but he sure gets close. He even uses the same line that Jon used on Mance back in Season 5.

Gendry's Time At Dragonstone

What's he complaining about exactly? Oh right, this. It's why Melisandre is on Arya's List, by the way.

Coldhands' Fate


George R.R. Martin has always insisted that the halfdead wight traveling with Bran and company in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels is *not* Benjen, but another ranger who was also turned. The show combined them for ease of understanding last year. Is this the ultimate fate of the character in the books? Spoiler alert if so.

What's In The Bag?


Frey Faces! It's a little surprising Sansa doesn't recognize Walder Frey, but only a little. (It's far more shocking that somehow, in all her worldly travels in King's Landing, the Eyrie and Winterfell, no one ever mentioned Faceless Men in front of her.)

Lighting Notes


Dany has always be lit in a warm color. That's partly due to her being in Essos, which is contrasted heavily with Westeros for it's warmer climates. But it was still a shock here to see her lit in cool winter blue tones, and officially part of the North, as she waits for the impossible to happen and Jon to ride back.