6 Easter Eggs In 'The Defenders' Episode 5 You Definitely Missed

by Ani Bundel

As we dig into the back half of Marvel's The Defenders, not only do the easter eggs start pertaining to the previous series, the comics, and the Marvel movies. Now we start getting references back to earlier episodes as well, especially once we start rounding up all the secondary characters from every storyline. While they round up the characters, we'll round up all the Marvel easter eggs in The Defenders Episode 5 that you might have missed.

The opening scene for episode 5 is a marvelous counterpoint to the episode before, when we saw the Defenders assemble. Unlike the movies, where the Avengers assemble to fight a single baddie, who may or may not have just a few assistants in their evil, the Defenders are facing and entire team of evil, all of whom are just as dangerous as the other, even if Alexandra assumes herself first among them. So may we introduce to you, the act K'un Lun has known for all these years. And let's enjoy as the The Hand assembles as well.

So where have you seen that image before? Or why *does* that line seem so familiar? Let's run down all the callbacks and Easter eggs tucked away in The Defenders' fifth episode of this inaugural season.

Matt vs Elektra

He almost reminded her who she used to be. Defective Black Sky? Or merely a temporary glitch in the programming?

Dumbest Iron Fist Yet

Everyone agrees. Even the Hand! Fans who were patient and sat through Iron Fist will enjoy seeing poor Danny Rand insulted at every single turn like this. (Also, how many Iron Fists have their been? Wouldn't you think K'un Lun would get better at the interview process?)

The Return of Bakuto


Killed in the Iron Fist stand alone, but Danny and Colleen were too nice to take off his head so he would stay that way. Next time, Iron Fist, please behead the bad guys when you kill them.

Round Up The Secondaries!


Let's see, there's Claire, Misty, Karen, Colleen, Trish, Malcolm, Foggy. Let's get them all in the room together! Now this is the team up I want to see. I better get Trish and Karen and Misty at least working together by the time this is all over.

Nice Ears!

A call back to a couple episodes ago when Jessica scoffed at the scarf. Once she saw the horns, she realized the scarf wasn't so bad.

Elektra Remembers

There's a whole slew of memories in Matt's apartment when Elektra returns there at the end of the episode. She really is coming back to herself. Sorry Alexandra, the child has flown.